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For the TIME Magazine rebrand, we began with the publication’s main revenue generator, ad sales, and worked backwards from there. We knew if we could position the brand story on a sales level, it would help us identify the clearest message for both our readership and advertising partners.

To serve as our primary sales tool, we created the TIME Magazine Brand Story, framing the publication’s multiple news channels (print, digital, podcasts, etc.) into a powerful and consistent narrative about awareness and context.

The key message, “Never miss a moment,” speaks to TIME’s singular ability to capture stories in real time through a vast and reliable global infrastructure of journalists, photographers, documentarians and content creators—married with advanced technology and a rich social media footprint.

We brought texture to the business development side of the story by contextualizing TIME’s reach, its influence, and projected ROI for advertisers.
The following is an abridged version of the full story.